woensdag 24 juni 2015

The new way to publishing is PTW

As most of the time in history, converting from old to new is dominated by the social learning curve.
There is always the small number Columbus like of people investigating the edge af the flat world while being convinced the world is round.
But there are also the people who thought they could fly from the eiffel tower like a bird and are not with us anymore.
The fast majority of people wait and see. And if new ways prove to be successful the crowd follows.

1.Gather data,
2.Combine and decompose,
3.Identify blocking issues,
4.Search for better ways,
5.Try and evaluate the better ways.

The internet development from the early days at DARPA until now is a road covered with failures.
Sometimes a better way exists for a long time until being discovered for a long time. Most of the time it is so called Abandonware. Someone went in a new direction but no one saw that it was the better way. Most of the time because a paradigm switch was not made yet.

The paradigm switch phones, tablets and TV's in internet cause is that one publishes for phones, tablets and wall's. Not for paper anymore!

The publishing process asks for traditional people skills like writing, designing, imaging... etc... But all for the phone, tablet or wall...! (PTW publishing!)

The graphical design people, video people, photographers are all converted to tools that fit PTW perfectly... But the writers are stuck in paperwork. The paper publishing tools like MS-Word, WordPerfect, LibreOffice-Write,... etc.

The good news is, there is abandonware that makes the writers fit and join in into the New PTW age!! It is called Markdown! It is an 11 years old solution for writing for the internet. But the PTW paradigm switch had not occurred.

About time to re-educate writers! To learn them about the nice tool that makes the writes again. And makes them fit in the PTW age seamlessly.

Ben Balter did in 2014 a good analyses why .DOC, .ODT are not for PTW but .MD IS!!
If you are a writer, know your place in the crowd making good looking and working publication and want to play a part in PTW, read it and switch to MD! And leave the CSS, imagery, etc. to the graphies.

Benefit from these websites:

I (on Mac) use LightPaper and Atom. But I am not really a writer...

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