maandag 8 februari 2016

What Twitter should do ...

OK. Who am I to say what Twitter should do ...

But I did some thinking. And I want Twitter to know about it.
A tweet is to short. So I write it down here and do a tweet with a link.

If we look at communication the following main types of communication can be recognized;
one to one (1to1)
one to many (1to n)
and many to one (n to1)
And these three can be split in two; short and long.
And these can be split in; text, images and video.
And so on ...

Twitter is has become the number one on 1 to n short messages.
In fact they are a kind of industrie standard for 1 to n short messaging.

Naturally they have to earn there money somehow. Advertising is the obvious way to go.

But if the messages get longer than 255 characters (IT practical number), they become blogs like this. People will get bored and move away from Twitter.

So how can Twitter make more money on advertising without damaging there unique position in the communication marketing field?

My solution would be introducing: * (asterix character)

The * should be a commercial #. A # on a subject can be started by anyone. A * on a subject has to be bought. But works further the same as #. So if you search on #timemagazine you will get messages with #timemagazine and *timemagazine.

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