dinsdag 5 juli 2016

About browsers.

More and more the Browser is replacing the desktop/window.

I personal prefer a clean minimalistic as possible browser from an User eXperience perspective. Therefor on the desktop and on the iPad I prefer Safari. I use a lot of Google services however. They heavily rely on the newest Javascript and app in the browser technologies. Apple is clearly dragging behind on that. And some times I need to work with the Chrome-browsers on the desktop to perform tasks in Goole apps. Like this blogger thing for example. My cursor disappears all the time in Safari.
I also mis the favicon's in the tabs in Safari. There are tweaks to overcome the later issue. But I don't like tweaking my browser because it may introduce a security issue and in new versions they sometimes don't work or don't work properly, causing additional system maintenance work.
About Chrome for desktops an other thing. It tends to link a whole array off apps and app links taking up tons of uninvited memory and processing time making desktops slower that necessary.

Please Googlies give me a clean cut Chrome with an Android look and feel for the desktop.

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