donderdag 25 augustus 2016

Open letter to Spotify

Dear Spotify

Thanks for your nearly perfect music streaming service.
However that is not where I want to spend my precious time on in writing this letter.

This is an attempt to give you some ‘outside the box’ views on your business model.

I do this because I’m a local and thus European politician and an ICT owner who is concerned about the bad EU support for ICT business in Europe. And I’m proud on Spotify being non American!

In short I think it is about time to cut out the legacy distributers out the music to consumer chain.

Music is made by the composers and performers (the creators). And listened to by the listers. This should be the only parties in the streaming DRM model!
If musicians need promotion, financing and management they themselves (or their representative) should make a deal with these promotors, producers and managers.

How to organize author rights and the linked DRM such that the music (and in fact any author rights) works this way is the real legal issue to be addressed!

I fact the following parties relations should be seen from the cashflow source:
listener > streamer > creators > creator services

Services needed by the creators is something they should make a deal about with their service providers. In the past function of distributer and service providers have tangled into one. This is not in the interest of the creators today anymore.

Are the creators aware of their new position? And who is helping them to empower their new position?

The creators are what I would refer to as the Original Owners. And it should be Spotify’s mission to make them aware of their Original Owners rights.

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